EmbroidaBlock Accessories - Digital Download

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Product Description

The EmbroidaBlock Accessories Retreat includes a Block Tote, Trimmer Case, & Rotary Cutter Case.

You LOVE to make beautiful HoopSisters designs! So, why not have some stylish accessories to store your needed tools and blocks in.

We’ve designed a Block Tote to carry your blocks to classes, guilds, retreats, or wherever you go to show them off.

Also a handy sleeve case to protect your Trimmer by George 2.0 and a design for your Trimmer by George 3.0.

Last, but not least, a rotary cutter case.


Block Tote: Finished size 18” wide x 15 ½ ” Tall

  • File Size: 4.52” x 5.64”

Trimmer by George 2.0 Case: Finished size 13½” w X 7¾”

  • File size: 4.5” x 7.77”

Trimmer by George 3.0 Case: Finished size 13½” w X 5¾”

  • File size: 4.52” x 5.77"

Rotary Cutter Case:  Finished size Small 4½” w X 7¾” t;  Finished size Large - 4½” w X 8¾” t

  • Small: File Size: 4.52” x 7.77”
  • Large: File Size: 4.52” x 8.89”