2019 Retreats: Valentine - Digital Download

2019 Retreats: Valentine - Digital Download

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The Valentine's Day Retreats Includes project files for: 

- Valentine's Cards are a thoughtful way to say "I love you" to your Valentine.  Choose from two messages for the inside of the card, I Love You! or Will You Be My Valentine?

     File Size 5.25" w x 5.26" h

     File Size 5.25" w x 3.01" h

     File Size 7.42" w x 7.42" h

- Gift Boxes are the perfect size for chocolates, jewelry, gift card and many more gift ideas!  The box comes in two sizes:  Small and Large 

     Small Box:  File Size 3.50" w x 3.91" h

                       File Size 2.61" w x 5.10" h

                       File Size 2.99" w x 5.01" h

                       File Size 4.01" w x 4.42" h

     Large Box:  File Size 6.01" w x 6.68" h

                       File Size 4.53" w x 5.23" h

                       File Size 4.86" w x 5.26" h

                       File Size 6.51" w x 7.18" h

- Heart Magnets add the perfect touch of sweetness for the holiday.  Make them for yourself or as a gift for a friend for the special day.

     File Size 3.26" w x 3.26" h


This design includes 6 embroideries:  XOXO, A heart with BE MINE in it, two hearts one with an arrow through it, the word LOVE with the O being red lips, two candy hearts with message on them..Call Me and True Love, a rose

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