Match Point Pinning Technique

Match Point Pinning Technique

HoopSisters on 24th Jun 2024

One of the biggest learning curves to quilting-in-the-hoop is joining the blocks together. Although, it takes a little practice, anyone can become a pro just by using this simple method…

Have you ever heard of the Match-Point Pinning Technique? This method prevents blocks from shifting during pinning and keeps the match-points aligned every time.

The Match-Point Pinning Technique is a simple technique that utilizes an “anchor pin” to secure two blocks together while you line up the “match-points”. Let’s define these phrases before jumping into the steps of the technique.

- Match-Point: the location on the basting stitch where two blocks will meet once the blocks are joined (for example, the two corners at the basting stitch).

- Anchor-Pin: a quilting pin placed directly through the block at corresponding match-points to temporarily secure the points.

How does the Match-Point Pinning Technique work?

Step 1 – Select 2-4 corresponding match-points on the two blocks (two corners and anywhere that quilting or satin stitching meets)

Step 2 – Place an anchor pin directly through match-points in 2-4 spots to temporarily secure the blocks

Step 3 – Place a quilting pin through the seam allowance and down into the block immediately next to an anchor pin. Remove the anchor pin. Repeat until all anchor pins are removed.

Step 4 – Join blocks together by stitching directly on the basting stitch from one corner to the other.

This technique works wonders at keeping your blocks in alignment when pinning and joining. With a little practice, you will be a pro at assembling quilt-in-the-hoop blocks. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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