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Jump Drive

512Mb USB drive, easily transfer your designs! The USB / Jump Drive is a transfer device and not me…

Vanish Lite Thread

Light Weight Water Soluble Thread, 300 yds. Recommended for all HoopSisters designs and for use in a…


HOOPSCISSORS have been designed specifically for use with EmbroidaBlocks. The offset handle makes tr…

HoopScissors Mini

HoopScissors Mini is a smaller size than the original HoopScissor which makes it perfect for hard to…

Hoop Grip stops shifting in the hoop.

One of the most valuable tools you will own to keep your fabric from slipping while using your embro…

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Match Point Pinning Technique

One of the biggest learning curves to quilting-in-the-hoop is joining the blocks together. Although,

24th Jun 2024

3 Quilt-In-The-Hoop Tips You Need To Know...

No matter your level of expertise when it comes to quilt-in-the-hoop, these three tips are for you!1

4th Jun 2024

3 Common Mistakes Quilters Make

3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make…Quilting is a fun and creative craft, but like any skill, there ar

15th Jan 2024